Islandgems Jewelry offers first class Watch Repair and Restoration in every category.

Watch Battery and Watch strap replacements are done while you wait. Our Watch Repair Services include:

  • Watch Battery Replacement
  • Stem & Crown repaired or replaced
  • Watch Crystal Replacement (Broken glass)
  • Polish – Watch case and bracelet
  • Watch Pin Replacement
  • Watch Straps and Bands
  • Watch Link Removal
  • Dial Refinishing
  • Watch Overhaul/Restoration – Complete disassembly and cleaning, new mainspring, inspection of parts for wear, assembly, adjustment, regulation, case cleaning and polishing

Nothing detracts more from the natural beauty of your watch than a cracked, scratched or missing watch glass. Whether your watch has a mineral, sapphire or acrylic glass, we can replace it.

images_7.57152614_largeWatch Crystal/Time Replacement

We stock replacement crystals in a variety of sizes, shapes and thickness; domed curved and flat by special order. We use official parts and if appropriate, we will also replace friction gaskets which create a water-tight seal between the watch case and the glass. Unfortunately we cannot pressure test watches at this time to ensure water resistance.

Most watches are made of tempered crystal, or they are laser sealed to resist nicks, scratching, and cracks. Generally, watch crystals will have the ability to outlive ordinary wear and tear. Considering all of the accidents that arms and hands avert by catching falling items, blocking doors from closing, and many other defensive actions during the day, wristwatches tend to hold up fairly well. That’s because watchmakers design them to withstand most daily bumps and scrapes. Occasionally, an incident can create the need to replace a watch crystal. It’s difficult to find a watchmaker these days, and the expense to replace it may not be feasible for everyone. Fortunately, an Islandgems watch make can get the job done at a reasonable cost. We welcome collector’s items, valuable antiques, and all brankd name watches.

What is an Overhaul?

As with any piece of mechanical equipment such as you can, your watch requires normal maintenance and lubrication. Most fine Swiss watch manufacturers recommend having your watch serviced and lubricated every two to three years depending on your personal wearing conditions.

When we Overhaul we:

  • Disassemble the movement
  • Ultrasonically clean all component parts
  • Apply proper lubricant
  • Replace all gaskets

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