Take care of your pearl necklaces and bracelets with occasional cleaning, and restringing every couple of years. Whether single or multiple strands we meticulously string pearl necklaces and bracelets on chord, wire and stretchy chord as desired. Islandgems Jewelry pearl experts will guide you in the selection of fine pearl jewelry to match your budget. The first step in caring for pearls is to buy quality pearls. They look prettier and last longer, because they have a better nacre quality and higher luster. These 2 factors stand a test of time.

How to take care of your pearls

  • Clean your pearls with a soft cloth or chamois
  • Wipe the oils from your skin away from the pearls using warm mild soap water
  • Wearing your pearls make them more beautiful. Pearls love moisture, they love humidity and they love the feel of being against your moist skin, pearls do not like dry faces
  • Your next step in caring for your pearls is restringing your pearls periodically, this stops your pearls from rubbing together and the thread will stay fresh and clean
  • Finally, store pearls where they will not get scratched up by other jewelry preferably in a soft pouch

For additional details and advice about pearl care, contact your pearl experts here at Islandgems.

Call or visit Islandgems Jewelry immediately when

  • The pearls move between the knots
  • The knots are dirty
  • It has been a few years since stringing
  • The pearl strand(s) burst

Beaded Necklace and Bracelet Stringing

Heavy beads or beads with sharp edges can cut through stringing wire. Islandgems Jewelry carefully matches stringing material and color to give you longevity and the best look. We also string on wire and other types of stringing chord and material upon customer request. Don’t hesitate to call us today and finally enjoy those broken necklace and beads as whole beautiful pieces.

We also stock loose beads which you may use to change the aesthetics of your Jewelry Item. Make matching rings, earrings and bracelets. Call today to set a “Designer Appointment”. Our expert Jewelry Designers await.

Thanks for making it “Islandgems Jewelry”.

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