Islandgems Jewelry makes a wide range of electroplating and finishing for both commercial and private use. At the moment, our services include Gold Plating, Copper Plating and Nickel Plating on Silver, Gold and Platinum items. All our work is electroplated with durability in mind. Our gold solution is 24 Carat pure gold and contains no alloys. We promise to work hard to provide a first class service and meet your expectations, whatever the item you wish to plate.

Gold and Rhodium plating services:
We replate just about anything that can be plated! Exceptions include items that are very large (over about a foot in length). We also can not plate an item that is part nonmetal. For example we can not plate a purse buckle if it can’t be removed from the purse.

  • costume, vintage and antique jewelry
  • watch bands and watches (we will remove and replace the movement)
  • tea sets and tableware
  • sculptures
  • items with stones (removal and resetting may be necessary)

Our Services