Islandgems Jewelry specializes in custom designed jewelry and gemstone pieces. We have made countless custom rings and jewelry for people over the years. It’s all done on premises. Many people have a sentimental or heirloom piece they want to remake with gems or diamonds, a new idea or just want to restore the piece to it’s former beauty. We will even use the material of the piece you carry in to fulfill the request as needed. View our gallery below (highlighted in gold) to see some of our custom designed jewelry.

Computer Designed Custom Jewelry

Islandgems Jewelry is one of very few jewelry designers anywhere, especially in Jamaica, to use computer modeling in house. Your jewelry is created with a sophisticated 3-D modeling program. The piece will be made with utmost perfection and if you want to make some changes, we do that right in the program. When the design is perfect, a precise wax model is cut out by computer in our workshop.

Computerized modeling has many advantages:

  • Computer modeling opens a world of possibilities that simply can’t be carved by hand
  • Your jewelry will be precise and uniform. For example, your diamonds will be evenly spaced and there will be no distortion in the finished piece

We will give you a price quote based on your design and desired precious metal. All handmade jewelry price quotes are free.

We’ll take you around the store and show you different pieces, noting your taste. From that we get a good idea of your style and begin to design with you. It’s what we do, we do this a lot, and we’re good at it. We’d be honoured to help you too.

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