Our Design and Repair Centers

Expert Repairs Done On Premises

Islandgems Jewelry specializes in custom designed jewelry and gemstone pieces. If you have an idea of that perfect design for a jewelry piece, we will bring it all to reality! Never worry where your jewelry will be when you bring them to us, all repairs are done on premises by experts!

What Our Customers Say

I am a very satisfied customer of Islandgems. I have found their service to be of the highest quality. Their staff is friendly and very professional, and the service is impeccable! They took my old, unused jewellery and crafted the most beautiful one-of- a kind ring for me, that everyone admires! My old jewellery sparkles with new life, and ...
JB Thank you! 2015/07/19
I recently had Island Gems customized a chain that I ordered for my niece’s Christmas present. I was very pleased with the craftsmanship and the quality of the finished product. I also love coming in to browse and see your beautiful selection of Jewellery. I find the customer service to be very good and I am usually offered very ...
Michelle Thanks again! 2015/07/19
Islandgems is a great place to shop for jewellery as well as get fabulous custom made jewellery just to your likely.
Lauri Islandgems Custom made Jewellery 2015/07/27
I have several pieces from Island Gems and in addition several custom made pieces. I always get compliments regarding my jewellery and I just want to say Island Gems is a great place to shop. In addition to the quality products they carry, their customer service is great.
Shelley Great Job 2015/08/09
I live in the United States but, recently traveled to Jamaica on business and wanted to pick up a gift for my daughter. The hotel attendant told me about island gems.. To my surprise this place had so much to offer from: gems, rings, pearls etc.. My experience made me feel as if I were in the most exclusive ...
Mariesha Exclusive 2015/08/10
This place is heaven sent. The expert staff on hand and the level of customer service and expertise offered is amazing. I had no idea such a place existed in Jamaica. I have been a customer for quite awhile not only do they repair all my jewelry but they clean them as well and custom make one of a ...
Camille Amazing products and service 2015/08/10
Islandgems is a great place to shop. The atmosphere is just so inviting its as if your family.. Islandgems has lots of variety and even customize things to your liking.. I love to shop there on my business trips. Thanks again Islandgems for the amazing experience.
Mariesha Exceptional 2015/08/10
Not a gambling man but I will bet my bottom dollar on their service.Total satisfaction.
Derrick Downie Watch Repairs 2015/09/05
I met the owner while she was on a trip in FL…very pleasant young lady who asked me where I got my jewelry cleaned. I told her I never had my jewelry cleaned before. She gave me her card and a few tips on how to keep my jewelry looking great…a few months later the diamond in my wedding ...
Olivia Satisfied customer 2015/09/25